Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Night Jujutsu

Sunday Night. Got to practice a bit late, and they were working on some basic throws. Warmed up, and got onto the mat for some standing techniques. Seattle Jujutsu is basically grappling, it's a cool chill gym, and the people there have many diverse backgrounds. Aaron has Jujutsu, Judo, Sombo and Mongolian Folk Wrestling. Vince the other black belt has Judo and Sombo background. A lot of the stuff, terminology is the same, so it's cool, although there's a different twist or outlook to techniques which is more of a Russian style to the game.

I did an example of a harai goshi and it was very orthodox Japanese. Aaron showed me a variation of harai goshi which was more Russian Like. I can't quite explain it as much without botching the technique.

Then we went onto a new variation of seio and kata guruma. These are from the clinch grip and involves more of a sacrifice throw with seio and kata guruma. It seems similar to seio. Here is a video clip.

You have to commit to these. It's quick and you have good control, and it takes you straight into newaza, with a position ready for a juji or a kesa gatame, depending on how you land. These two throws were my highlight and it's a new grip that I like, especially those who try to stiff arm.

I really like these types of moves and one that I'll try at Budokan on Tuesday. I really like Seattle Jujutsu as it's rather chill and very similar to Budokan. The other techniques we worked on was getting a tighter juji. The thing is knees tight and the butt as close to the shoulders as possible. Control the shoulder as well as the elbow. It was good to see it from a different perspective.

We also covered a heel hook and practiced that a couple of times. There was also a calf crusher. I don't really remember it much, as I only practiced it a couple of times. The thing is with leg stuff, I'm very careful as I'm very inexperienced with leg entanglement techniques.

Then we did 5 rounds of newaza randori. Vince, Aaron, Ned, Steph, and Pete. It was cool just doing randori with new people and it was more of a feeling out, getting positioning and the like. Overall the people were cool and it's about learning and pushing each other. The good thing that I like is control. A lot of people had good control, so I can trust them when they do a juji and the like.

Anyways, a good workout tonight. I'll try to workout here on Sundays and Wednesdays.

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