Friday, July 25, 2008

Soo, easy workout day... Tennis and Sun.

Sunshine. Check.
Nice Cool day. Check.

So Jen and I hit a few volleys back and forth at the Tennis Court. It was fun. Nothing too exhausting. It was just fun to bat the yellow ball back and forth over the net.

I've got a hiking trip set up to Soda Peaks this weekend. So I'm sure I'll be expending energy there... AND.. I can't wait for Sunday's Jujutsu's practice.

Right now, I B.S. more than I do martial arts, but sometimes you got to smell the roses you know? I'm not a Shaolin monk nor an Olympic hopeful. I just want to get fit, and get better. "Mutual Benefit and Welfare" something like that. I'm just excited, and perhaps a few days break would actually be good for me, as I'll be roaring to go.

Next week, I have a feeling it's going to be a bruiser; or I can feel it coming... Schedule so far is:

Sunday 7-9PM - Jujutsu
Monday 6:30-8PM - Dragon Boat
Tuesday 8PM-9:30PM Judo
Wednesday 7-9PM -Planned hike of 9 Miles + 3500' elevation gain
Thursday 8PM-9:30 - Judo
Friday Off
Saturday - Dragon Boat? Hiking? Mountain Biking? (No Plans as of yet)

And back to Sunday again, although the next Wed would be planned for Jujutsu.

I still have to cram a strength and perhaps a cardio workout somewhere in between; that and some burnouts.

I have been very good to sticking with my workouts. Save for this Birthday Party Thursday which skipped my judo practice. Oh well. I do miss the dojo and I really feel the difference, mainly not having the dull ache on Friday Morning that a Thursday night beatdown gets ya.

I'm thinking of going for a swim later on this afternoon at the pool. Probably do a couple of laps or so and then soak in the hot tub. Yeah it's been lazy, but hey if you're going to be lazy, at least do it in style.

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