Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some old judo photos I found in my hard drive...

These are from the 2007 Continental Crown. I took these pictures. Guy in blue is in my club, I don't know who is in white.

This sequence of photos are the only ones that came out of the 500+ pictures I took at the Crown. It's really hard to capture a series of moves that result in a dramatic sub or throw, it just happens so fast. This one, I was lucky.

Anyways, please feel free to add a comment on the photos or techniques themselves. Granted it's easy to armchair quarterback, but it's good to see good offense techniques against a sprawl that results in a good sub. By the way, Guy in Blue recovered just fine. This was my first time I saw someone go black out from a choke. I've felt the impending black out before, but tapped out before then. This choke got applied so quickly and tightly that he didn't have a chance to tap.

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