Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chipped Front Tooth

Guess it was bound to happen. Funny thing is that I actually have several mouthpieces, and well I never wear them, mainly because of laziness. It's also in my boxing/muay thai bag which I don't go to anymore. It's not in my gi bag. I always wear it at boxing/muay thai practice, well because getting clocked in the head will leave contents inside said head slightly ajar. Come on, this is the "Gentle Way" you know? Well, above is a picture. It's not as bad as I thought. At least from far away I still have my pearly teeth. I just feel the inside of my right front tooth is slightly chipped with my tongue.

Speaking of Gi bags. The amount of medical items in your gi bag is pretty much proportional to the amount of training you do. When I first started training, I had no medical items. Then I got Ibuprofen. Medical tape. Self adhering ace bandages. Ankle brace. More medical tape. (Different Sizes) Hydrogen Peroxide. Nail Clippers. Roll of toilet paper. (Okay I'm cheap. Roll of toilet paper does wonders)

Note to self. Transfer mouthpiece from boxing bag to judo bag. Seriously, it's been 8 months since I last trained in boxing

Oh tonight's practice was just a workout. Warmups. Uchikomi. 50 throws. Then about an hour worth of 3 minute rounds randori. Here were my partners: Jake 2x, Lydia, Kurt 2x, Aaron 2x, Ferdinand, Jujutsu guy (forgot his name) and Andy. Did 1 round uchikomi with Grant, 2 rounds uchikomi with Andy. Sat down and watched a few rounds. So 10 3-minute rounds of randori, 3 3-minute rounds of uchikomi, and a couple of rounds sitting out.

I tend to grip fight a lot. Too much in fact, that I may get a shido. I changed a bit to be a bit more on the attack. And actually let my opponent get a grip albeit briefly so I can get mine and be on the attack. At one point I was getting silly with preventing a grip, that yeah that would've been a shido. So grip, attack, attack, attack.

I need to transition more. I need to feel the kuzushi. If there is already an offsetting balance, adapt my throw to the offset. Not move the body to fit my throw, just go with it. I know, this is one of the principles of judo, and I still yet to learn. My mind is still set in patterns, and not looking at opportunities. I tend to have this mindset. I seriously need a paradigm shift.

But seriously my arsenal is fairly limited, and this is what I use 90% of the time. Here it is:

1. Seio
2. Harai
3. O Soto
4. Kouchi
5. Tomo Nage
6. Kata Guruma

I know other throws such as uchimata, ogoshi, tai toshi, or sasae surikomi gosh. Once in awhile I'll try a makikomi. But pretty much those six throws are the ones I know and can execute, sometimes, when the moon is full and Venus is rising on the horizon.

I tend to favor my left side more. Later on the night as I was getting tired, I was a lot "looser." I need to do that and attack. So much easier said than done.

I like the inside grip. I fight for it. It's much easier to get the inside grip on the left side and go for a left side throw. I'm beginning to develop my left side, and I don't know, feel more comfortable there at the moment.

Uchikomi was good. There were some timing things I need to work on such as deashi harai. I chipped my tooth when we were doing our 50 throw things. I worked a lot on my kata guruma, which I feel comfortable with. I also like leg picks, although with a lot of wrestlers in the club, they can see leg picks from a mile away.

So after 10 3-minute rounds of randori. I was tired. Seriously.

Then, the post workout dojo shuttle runs. We did 3 4-minute shuttle runs.

The dojo is about 25 yards long. So run 25 yards, back and forth. After every 2nd lap you alternate doing burpies, pushups, or jump overs. The jump overs are you jump over your partners back who is on all 4's. After you jump over, you crawl underneath. Then jump over again. Do this 10x taking turns.

I was gassed after the 3rd iteration. 4 minutes is a long time. Total of 12 minutes.

It was a good workout. I'm drinking a beer and I just heated up some Rosemary chicken and basil soup. Yummy.

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