Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dragon Boating Monday - Sunshiny Day and jumping fish.

So. Monday. I got out to the docks on Leschi for some Dragon Boating. It was a bit windy. It was quite sunny and warm that day so it was good to get out on the water. That afternoon there were 12 of us at practice.

Standard warm-ups and stretches. We did flying race piece and power pyramids. We took the boat out south past the I-90 bridge. Did some paddling on the lee of the I-90 bridge. The water was smooth, warm. There's fish jumping about.

We did flying race pieces. I really felt strong. I wasn't gassed out at all. I was keeping rhythm. Not bad.

We did some drills for timing and rotation. It was the 1-2-3-4 drill. It felt really good.

30 Minutes left side, 30 minutes right side. I was working on my snap forward and the catch. I was doing decent exits. I need to work on my rotation, look forward to follow my lead. I tend to look inboard as I rotate and not keep my head straight forward. I felt like I was driving my paddle more into the water at this practice.

It was a great practice, can't wait for next week. Too bad I can't practice on Thursdays, as Thursday is my judo day. That and I've got a party to go to, then judo on Thursday.

The upcoming race is the weekend of September 6th. So it'll be some good times to go to a race. I think I'm prepping fairly well in Dragon Boat, although just like any other sport, I still need to work at it and practice, practice, practice. Regardless, it's a great upper body, core, timing workout. It's so awesome as well to get back into water sports. I do miss that. Also, it's low impact

Anyways Dragon Boating is fun, and a great workout on Mondays!

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