Thursday, July 10, 2008

Juji and more juji.

Ah, the nuances of being a brown belt. Uggh. So yeah I'm the senior kyu for the senior class, and yet, I don't know the fundamentals of bowing, and starting the class. I know it's embarrassing. But it was always someone else's responsibility, and not me. Sooo...

1. Kioske.
2. Seiza
3. Rei - To Kano
4. Rei - To Yudansha

That's starting.

Ending is:

1. Kioske
2. Seiza
3. Mokso
4. Yame
5. Rei - To Yudansha
6. Rei - To Kano

I forget how you say to face Kano or to face yudansha, but everyone does it automatically, so I'll leave it at that. I'm sure I'll get told again. I'm not very good with japanese words; eventually I'll get it right.

Yeah, it's bad, but I'm writing it down so I don't forget. It's weird being one of the "senior" students. Well usually there's about 10-12 black belts. 2 Brown Belts and 1 Green and 2-3 White Belts. Sometimes I'm just myself and Ferdinand (white belt) on the kyu side.

The workouts are a grinder. But it builds character, it's not your typical judo class. It's fun to roll around with most people on the national roster. There maybe a handful of black belts that are not on the national roster at one time or another.

I actually like it. I feel like that I'm still needing to polish up my technique after every class, and there's always something to strive for. Once I get somewhere, where I think I may be getting good, they up it a notch. It's good. I'd rather be a small fish in a big sea than the biggest fish in a tiny pond. I know that if I get in a good technique (once every couple of months), then I'm progressing.

So onto juji, and more juji.

Ahh.. I was browsing through youtube. This was the technique we were working on.

Check out 0:35.

We worked on this technique and variations for awhile.

Then we did 4 rounds newaza randori. I was odd man out for one round.

And 4 rounds tachi-waza randori. I was odd man out for one round.

Newaza, I was working on positioning. I need to be tighter in my armbars, and rollovers. Seriously, my fat gut is hampering my ground work. I'm not as twisty and nimble as others. I gotta look at focusing on some core workouts. I hate working core, and I need to. I'm the typical gym guy. You know, the one who works on the "vanity" muscles. Back to newaza, I did have a successful guard pass tonight which was cool. However my 3 attempts at getting an armbar didn't quite materialize. I just need to practice more, till I get more comfortable at it.

Grant told me some workouts with a sandbag that will work the core. Just lifting twisting, etc... to work the obliques, etc... Yeah, I need to do more medicine ball, ab, oblique, leg lifts, and the like. I think I'll go to home depot and get myself a $2.50 bag of sand. You know the ones that you put on the back of the truck. I'll talk to him some more about his actual core workout.

As for standing randori, I think I'm getting the hang of grip-fighting, and ended up to be the focus on one of the 3 minute rounds.

The thing I'm lacking on, is my lack of commitment. Yeah, I hate commitment, in my real life, love life and other things. I gotta commit to an attack and follow through. I tend to do a lot of feints, which is mainly shin kicking, instead of really going for a kouchi, ouchi, de-ashai, or myriads of other foot sweeps.

I also need to work on my combinations. I only have a one or two combination repertoire and after awhile, most people know that I like to do kouchi, ouchi and seio. My harai gosh is decent, my drop kata-guruma is pretty good. The thing is the set-up and execution.

Thing is I tend to telegraph what I'm about to do. There doesn't seem to be any surprises on my bag of tricks. I also need to move more in a circle and actually do dynamic judo rather than static judo. I tend to move forwards and backwards. Should actually vary it more.

Ah, one thing I did learn, is left-handed players don't like to be held in a left handed grip. I really should practice my left side judo. And I seem to be more successful on the left. It just feels more comfortable, and most people don't mind giving up the left hand side.

Anyways, it was a good practice, and it felt good. I think I was able to soak in more this practice as I wasn't as tired, and not focusing on surviving the round. I was actually on the offensive at times.

That's the thing, I really need to build up my stamina, so I can attack, attack, attack. Defensive judo sucks and drains my energy.

I really need to think 2-3 moves ahead, and not just survival mode. I think I'm starting to get it, as there's more strategy in judo than I ever imagined.

Anyways, it was a good practice and it has left me thinking more than ever.


Bob C. said...

Dear Fat ass. all depends what dojo you train at as to what to say. I have one of my kids back at Jason Morris training center in N.Y. and they just walk on the mat do there 2 hour practice and then have a standing bow at the end,, at Zenyu where I teach we do some real strange bow in's . I really think to much thought is put into this subject the 5 to 10 usa dojo's that have the top players practice the sport of judo not bowing . What dojo are you working out at ? This coming thurs. the 17th. we have fight night with refs score boards ,ribbons, and ice cream there is a 10 $ drop in fee and you have to have one of the three cards. come on by- my brown and black belts need a good ass kicking.. take care Bob.

Ice said...

Hey Bob!

I'll definitely try to stop by Zenyu sometime. I was out on Goat Mountain last week, so wasn't around. I would've loved to have dropped on by.

I work out at Budokan in Seattle.

Have a good one.

Mr. Fat Ass