Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hiking... and duct taped boots....

Okay. Just got back from Goat Mountain. Got back meaning 3 days ago. So yeah.

I haven't updated this, well there's much to write. The hiking was good for me. Came back home and weighed in at 205 lbs. 27.5% fatty according to my scale.

So let's recap.

13 July - 4.5 Mile Hike to base camp. 200' loss/ 700' gain. I carried a 38 lbs. pack. It was a good hike at a moderate pace. Overall a good day.

14 July - 3.5 Mile Hike up, 3.5 Mile hike down. 1000' gain.

15 July - 4.0 Mile Hike up, 4.0 Mile Hike down. 1300' gain

16 July - 3.5 Mile hike going, 3.5 Mile hike back. 500' gain.

17 July - 2.0 Mile hike going, 2.0 Mile back. Minimal elevation gain/loss. Boots falling apart, in desperate need of duct tape. So duct taped them.

18 July - 1.5 Mile hike going, 1.5 Mile back. Minimal elevation gain/loss

19 July - 4.5 Mile hike from camp to parking lot, 200'loss 700' gain. Carried 38lbs pack. Hiked at a very brisk pace. Great workout.

20 July - Hiked to top of Small Si. Easy day hike Probably 2.0 mile hike up/ 2.0 mile hike down. 1000 feet gain? Don't know I'm sure I could look it up. Not a bad hike.

That's when I needed a new pair of boots. I hate buying new hiking boots. After 3 hours at REI, finally found a pair that fit me just right. Total Cost 180 Bucks!

Decent workout. Overall did a total of: 49.5 miles of hiking during the last week. Not bad. I really think this should help me lots on my cardio workouts. I just need to work on strength training.

Well. Next post should be about Dragon Boating Upper Body workout yesterday. And then afterwards, I'll write about tonight's judo practice.

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