Monday, July 28, 2008

Enter the Dragon...

Yeah, catchy isn't it.

Attention Please.

Now that I've got your attention. Just wanted to let you know about today's practice. It was a great workout today. Usually we do power pyramids, timing techniques, 1-2-3-4 drills or flying race pieces.

Well today was one big grueling endurance workout. It felt great. We almost paddled all the way across Lake Washington. Bellevue was getting bigger, and I'm sure we would've almost have gotten there. On the way out, we worked for a full 10 minutes coupled with frequent Power Pyramids. I think there was a full 4 cycle of 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%, then 10 Power Strokes, then back down again. It was good. I know; for some 10 minutes might not seem a long time, but it is. 10 Minutes is VERY LONG. The usual Dragon Boat Heat is at most a 3 minute match. It's a 500m sprint.

We then did some a quick race piece. We then worked on our first 2 strokes, to get the boat moving. We improved quite a bit after working on it. Practiced a couple of six sixteens, then switched sides. Same thing on the left side. (I practiced right side first) We also added some timing drills. This really improved my reach, as I can set up a nice clean entry. My left side is much stronger, and I can rotate more. I feel that I use my whole body more on the left side. That is, there's actually a leg drive, an oblique crunch and a whole upper body workout. I really think that because I'm right handed, and that my right side is much stronger, that I don't depend on my legs/abs as much on the right side. The left side, being a tad weaker actually forces me to use my whole body; hence the strength in my left side stroke.

I felt good and sore afterwards. My shoulders, back, arms, and a bit on my obliques. A good sore feeling for a great workout.

I like it as it will translate into better conditioning.

To really understand dragon boating, check out this video.

Anyways, there's an event in September that I'm psyched to go to. It's going to be a great race. I really feel that my conditioning has improved greatly. There were times at other Dragon Boat practices where I'll be totally gassed and would have to stop and not paddle. It's really tough to do that, as you increase the work for your team-mates. It's good as my team-mates push me to go harder.

Any day on the water is a better day in the gym. :) I'm never much into treadmills and machines. Sure, I can go to the weight room or do a machine workout, but I push myself harder paddling or a good randori workout.

I still need to see the gaps in my workout and fill those in. Looking forward to tomorrows judo workout. Wednesday, I've got sprints scheduled at the track, and then a nice easy hike later on that afternoon. Thursday I've got more judo. Don't know yet what the weekend will bring. It's Seafair this weekend. Part of me wants to see it; the other part of me wants to get away from the maddening crowd.

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