Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SLAP Tear!

So it's a SLAP Tear.

Had an MRI done today.

Here's the extract from the report:

1. SLAP Tear.
2. Mild articular surface fraying at the insertion of the super status. No full thickness rotator cuff tear.
3. Suspected humeral avulsion of the glenohumeral ligament (HAGL), as evidenced by contrast extravasation through the axillary recess along the medial humeral neck and inferior subscapularis.

I am not a doctor, so I really don't have a deep understanding what the above passage meant.

Basically, something is torn. It needs to be fixed. It doesn't heal by itself and could get progressively worse.

So. I'm an engineer by training. Usually if you have a bearing or a joint fail, you renew or refurbish said bearing or joint.

Since I can't order a new SLAP from the OEM, I will have surgery on 27 OCT 2009 to fix the tear.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

X - Rays!

Well, I went to get my shoulder looked at today. The X-Rays came back and well, it's not the bone at least.

It may be the Rotator Cuff or something else that the Doctor mentioned, it had a specific medical sounding name, but I forgot it.

So I have an MRI scheduled on Wednesday. Just gotta sit and wait, in the meantime. Rest and Ice.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Miracle Diet

I saw this video from a friend of mine. A little Friday Funny.

There is a little disclaimer... at the end. Although at the rate that my fat ass is still growing this diet may not hurt at all.



That's a picture. Basically I like pictures, I'm a visual person.

Anyways, I called up the Sports Medicine Clinic at Northgate and they've got me an appointment at 8:30 in the morning on Saturday. We will see how it goes. Apparently, I was there for my right shoulder awhile back when the receptionist quickly pulled up my record.

It feels a bit better, but I'm not competing in the Rainier Cup this weekend. Mainly because: 1 it's hard to get a medical appointment with a good doctor, and 2. My shoulder still hurts, and competing in a local tournament while hurt doesn't really do me any good. Now if I was Olympic Caliber or World Championships, that's one thing, but I'm a recreational player, doing this stuff for fun. I just want my shoulder to heal up fast so that I can train again.

Popped my shoulder.

Popped my shoulder tonight. Hmmn. I think it's back in place. I'm icing it and taking motrin.

We'll see in the morning.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

De Ashi Barai

Spam and Eggs.

That's what I'm going to have for breakfast.

It's tasty. I am hungry. Shouldn't write on a workout blog while hungry....

Other than that, been working out fairly consistently. Was at Seattle Jujutsu on Monday Night, went over the open guard, maintaining posture, and passing the guard. Also went over de ashi barai. I'm not verbose at the moment, but I found this clip on youtube.

Footsweeps in general are awesome because they are quick and when timed right, spectacular.

Wednesday, I didn't do anything, was going to check out some escrima at the Filipino Cultural Center in Beacon Hill / Columbia City. However, they were having a wake at the Filipino Center instead. Quickly paid my respects and moved on. I will have to check out their escrima class sometime.

I'm still sore from helping my friend move some ballast around a houseboat. Today I'm just going to rest.

My diet has taken a nosedive lately, I tried to keep a food blog. But that has mostly been OBE. (Overcome By Events) Logging food, is really time consuming and guilt inducing. Instead, I end up forgetting to eat and I eat less, but then I indulge in food when I get really really hungry. I should just really plan out my day. I just really need some more prior planning. I've been more reactionary than proactive lately. This has to change. Doing this should improve my diet, which I think is the key ingredient that I'm missing in my fitness repertoire.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The more I learn, the less I know...

Sunday afternoon, Auburn Bob invited me to work out at Ippon Dojo in Tacoma. It was a good workout. Did some newaza and tachi waza randori. Afterwards there was someone in the club working on no-gi grappling. Did that too. I haven't done no-gi in a long long time, and it was a much faster game, much different. No gi opens up faster turns, rollovers, etc... Basically it's still the same, although the convenient handholds (the gi) is not there. However the basic moves are still the same. Hadaka Jime (Rear Naked Choke) still works. Ude Garami/Juji Gatame/ still works. The difference is that you can slip in and out of a hold that is not tight. There's more clinches and stuff in no-gi. It's different but good.

It was a good workout. I'm just hitting a plateau in my training.

Basically, I'm starting to know, enough of WHAT I AM NOT DOING.

1. Working out every day with one day a week to rest and recover. Improve my cardio, strength and flexibility...

2. A balanced healthy diet. Not a SEE-FOOD diet. I see food. I eat.

3. Attend practice consistently and on time.

On the technical side here are some things I need to work on:

1. Grip and Throw. What I do now, is grip, grip, grip. I would have that awesome grip for a half second, but guess what, I wouldn't throw, and that fleeting moment of an awesome grip is gone. You get a great grip, throw. It doesn't open up that often, so seize the opportunity.

2. Transition Control. I need to control the transition phase, where you knock someone down, not enough to get a point, but enough that he is on the mat. Take advantage of it, establish a superior position and attack. Sometimes, I get the deer in the headlights look, because, well, I don't train as much in transition as we do the two main phases. The stand-up and the ground work. Transition Control is key. I know Aaron always emphasizes transition control, and it's finally coming together that I need full control throughout the fight.

3. Repetitive/Telegraphic Attacks. When I fight someone, it shouldn't be like the AT&T Commercial, "reach out and touch someone..." I need to vary it up a bit and not telegraph "hey I'm going to do this next..."

Anyways, just gotta plug away. It is after all a journey and there is no magical end. Actually, I'd get absolutely bored if there weren't any challenges. That's the beauty of martial arts, there's constant learning. It's not like a book where you read from cover to cover and that's it. There's more to it...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting Above the Weather....

I've been out of it since Sunday. I feel much better today, and back to my old self. Ready to roll. Got out of bed early and itching to make breakfast, mop the floors, do dishes, and laundry.

I feel brand new. I was dragging since Sunday, not really a cold, not really anything just a malaise.

Anyways, looking forward to working out again.