Thursday, October 8, 2009

De Ashi Barai

Spam and Eggs.

That's what I'm going to have for breakfast.

It's tasty. I am hungry. Shouldn't write on a workout blog while hungry....

Other than that, been working out fairly consistently. Was at Seattle Jujutsu on Monday Night, went over the open guard, maintaining posture, and passing the guard. Also went over de ashi barai. I'm not verbose at the moment, but I found this clip on youtube.

Footsweeps in general are awesome because they are quick and when timed right, spectacular.

Wednesday, I didn't do anything, was going to check out some escrima at the Filipino Cultural Center in Beacon Hill / Columbia City. However, they were having a wake at the Filipino Center instead. Quickly paid my respects and moved on. I will have to check out their escrima class sometime.

I'm still sore from helping my friend move some ballast around a houseboat. Today I'm just going to rest.

My diet has taken a nosedive lately, I tried to keep a food blog. But that has mostly been OBE. (Overcome By Events) Logging food, is really time consuming and guilt inducing. Instead, I end up forgetting to eat and I eat less, but then I indulge in food when I get really really hungry. I should just really plan out my day. I just really need some more prior planning. I've been more reactionary than proactive lately. This has to change. Doing this should improve my diet, which I think is the key ingredient that I'm missing in my fitness repertoire.

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