Friday, June 27, 2008

Thursday Night Judo Practice

Last night Mark taught us a cool combo. It's a forward/backward throw. Go backwards so your opponent goes forward, throw for a morote seio; hanai/harai goshi your opponent will go backwards to prevent the throw. Now, do a modified kouchi gari. This time with the kuzushi down. He likens the classic kouchi gari is going forward. This modified one is with the kuzushi down. He likened the classic one as a tree falling, and this modified one as a building implosion.

I like this new technique/modification. For a bigger guy like me, it's fairly simple and straight forward; and; it's a valid throw to get into newaza.

Newaza last night was less than successful; I'm not getting the initial control outright and was fighting defensively. I need to spread out my base and make my holds/chokes tight. I was going for chokes last night; and were more of a nuisance more than good technique.

I still need to work on attacking from a turtle. I did work on the rollovers last practice, however, in randori, still not quite working.

Did about 3 rounds newaza. 5 rounds of tachi-waza. I had to sit out for 3 rounds because I was gassed, and 1 was I had a bloody nose. Which, figures... It's the few times that I do wear my white gi. And I bleed all over it. Do I get a bloody nose when I wear a blue gi? NOPE. When I break out my white gi, inevitably blood gets on it, and I have to use Tide Stain remove to get the blood out.

Bah. Anyways.

It was a good practice.

Oh, and one thing I noticed. I did my best judo at the last round of the night. Not that I was able to throw somebody. But I was actually moving, using leverage. I know weird? I was just too tired to try to muscle my way and plow through a semblance technique, and actually had to use kuzushi and leverage. It just felt good and actually felt that I was really doing judo as opposed to a brawl. Which practice seems to me like most times... Well that's what my body feels like.

Well that's about it. Going to run today, just some light cardio....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tonight's Judo Practice

Tonight, worked on my roll to juji-gatame (armbar) when your opponent is turtled.
1. Shoot one leg in clear underneath him.
2. Grab his wrist from under the armpit
3. Place knee next to his head.
4. Roll forward. As you roll forward, you should be flipping him.
5. Once flipped, swing your other leg in to bring knees together for a tight juji.

I had a hard time rolling, and took me about half dozen tries to roll right. Still not as good, but need to work on that.

The other technique we worked on was with your opponent turtled, chicken wing him, get a key lock and roll him for a north south pin. A variation on this is to get your other hand in his collar, flip him and slowly apply the pin and the choke.

It's hard to describe...

Did some more mat work and I noticed I was using more strength to move around. For a guard pass, I accidentally kneed someone in the balls. My bad. I feel bad, as I was just trying to get my knee under the butt, so I could do a guard pass. Nevertheless, that sucked. I need more mat work.

One of the randori sessions, I was able to pass Dave's guard to a half guard. Then I took control of his left arm trying to get an arm lock in the half guard. I just couldn't get pass the half guard. When I switched positions to try to pass, he rolled me for a pin. However, I did have a mostly dominant control at the time, I just need to remember to maintain control when switching techniques.

The stand up techniques I was gassing a bit. I stood out for maybe 4 rounds, but I did do at least 6 rounds.

Anyways, it was a good practice. I still need to work on my grips, attacks. Not to be so linear, and to be predictable. I need to work on my combinations so that they are second nature to me. I only seem to think one attack at a time, I should be thinking of set ups, feints. At least 2-3 moves. Also need to react faster to opportunities given to me.

So far, the throws that seem to sometimes work.

1. Kata Guruma. One knee drop version.
2. Seio-Nage. Ippon, sometimes drop version.
3. Sasai Surikomi Goshi. It is hard to get both sleeves, although once gotten, can be used.
4. Ouchi/Kouchi Gari. Standard Attack staple
5. Tai-Toshi
6. Double Leg take down.
7. O-Goshi

What I need to work on...

1. Uchi Mata. Should work but I'm not deep enough, and my balance is off kilter.
2. O Soto Gari. Usually need to get in deep.
3. Posturing I tend to fight hunched over.
4. Combinations. Grip, feint throw. Once I get a grip, I should throw, throw, throw.

I just need to relax more, and apply kuzushi. It's also about momentum and giving way. Judo is a dynamic sport, not a static sport, therefore think in four dimensions, where movement/timing as well as position is very important.

Other than that. Life is peachy keen.

I'm going to go wash up and go to bed. I'm beat tired.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Belt Initiation...

And so, I was initiated into my new belt along with Ken, who also just got his. So basically 12 3-minute rounds of randori by a dozen different black belts. For every throw or dominating grip held I owed the dojo a buck for the beer fund... Which reminds me, I owe them now a case.

I was only able to do 9 rounds of randori, with 3 of those rounds, I was completely gassed, and luckily enough, there were only enough mat space for 5 active randori pairs. I was a bit sore, and my right calf was just tired and cramping. It was a good time. I just see a difference now... and there is a longer road ahead of me.

I have to make practice 2x a week, and couple that with strength training and cardio. I simply cannot be gassed in a fight.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So last few days... have been ummm growing..

So Saturday was to be a full workout day, but ended up a few quick matches on the mat, so barely really worked up a good sweat.

Sunday I just chilled. Monday was going to be Dragon Boating. We went out onto the water, paddled for 15 minutes. There were some whitecaps, and the wind was howling.... It'll be good for sailing, but not for paddling. Turned around came back to the Blue Water Bistro for Happy Hour.

Last night was supposed to be a potluck for judo. It was a good potluck. Ate lots of food. And umm no training.

So last 4 days no real workout. And my fat ass is growing. I'll be hitting the weight room and pool today, with a decent run around the track this afternoon. And later this evening some dragon boat paddling.

At least, hopefully by the end of this month I can get back onto some of my tailored suits...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Western Washington Tournament

Went up to Bellingham today to compete. Had a good time. Weighed in at 220 and placed in the Heavyweight class, fought against a Canadian and a local guy from Bellingham. Overall, good fights, I got thrown twice for Ippon. Landed okay. No injuries! Split lip and a few bruises, nothing big..

That's a cool thing. Overall a decent day. Could've done better. I just have to deal with my overall speed.

1. I have two speeds. 100% and stop. Need to vary the pace a little.

2. I become a bit predictable.

3. I need to take advantage of my shorter height and more compact body. I should be looking at good fireman's carry or shoulder throws.

4. Get the grip I want and throw, easier said than done.

5. Relax, and stand up straight.

A few more lessons and it was good to actually get one on one coaching from some of the other black belts and instructors.

Now time to get back in the dojo and practice.

The good thing was, that... I know I can go the distance, I was fitter than my opponents. I should just take advantage of the opportunities laid out to me, and not just blindly go in the direction that I thought I should. Sometimes, being flexible and fully taking advantage of the situation is key.

Again, some lessons learned. Good thing is that.. a: I'm not hurt. b: it was a good experience.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Wow.. it's Friday already

This week has been full of decent workouts. Tuesday was Judo Workout, Wednesday was a rest Day. Thursday was judo. Friday, went for a quick 20 minute run/walk. Took it easy. Saturday I have a tournament.

Anyways... we'll see I'm just tired. My left knee is acting up and my hamstring is wicked tight. Or is that the IT band? Don't know but my outside of my left knee (tendon) whatever is tight and hurts.

Bah. nothing 800mg of Ibuprofen can't cure.

That's about it. Going to bed. Gotta get at the early tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So... I have been putzing around trying to get my stuff together.

Last weekend did a hike at Falls Creek Trail. Which was cool. Yesterday, did Dragon Boating. Nice upper body workout. Paddled for about an hour. 30 minutes right side, 30 minutes left side. It was a great workout.