Sunday, June 8, 2008

Western Washington Tournament

Went up to Bellingham today to compete. Had a good time. Weighed in at 220 and placed in the Heavyweight class, fought against a Canadian and a local guy from Bellingham. Overall, good fights, I got thrown twice for Ippon. Landed okay. No injuries! Split lip and a few bruises, nothing big..

That's a cool thing. Overall a decent day. Could've done better. I just have to deal with my overall speed.

1. I have two speeds. 100% and stop. Need to vary the pace a little.

2. I become a bit predictable.

3. I need to take advantage of my shorter height and more compact body. I should be looking at good fireman's carry or shoulder throws.

4. Get the grip I want and throw, easier said than done.

5. Relax, and stand up straight.

A few more lessons and it was good to actually get one on one coaching from some of the other black belts and instructors.

Now time to get back in the dojo and practice.

The good thing was, that... I know I can go the distance, I was fitter than my opponents. I should just take advantage of the opportunities laid out to me, and not just blindly go in the direction that I thought I should. Sometimes, being flexible and fully taking advantage of the situation is key.

Again, some lessons learned. Good thing is that.. a: I'm not hurt. b: it was a good experience.

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