Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Belt Initiation...

And so, I was initiated into my new belt along with Ken, who also just got his. So basically 12 3-minute rounds of randori by a dozen different black belts. For every throw or dominating grip held I owed the dojo a buck for the beer fund... Which reminds me, I owe them now a case.

I was only able to do 9 rounds of randori, with 3 of those rounds, I was completely gassed, and luckily enough, there were only enough mat space for 5 active randori pairs. I was a bit sore, and my right calf was just tired and cramping. It was a good time. I just see a difference now... and there is a longer road ahead of me.

I have to make practice 2x a week, and couple that with strength training and cardio. I simply cannot be gassed in a fight.

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