Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So last few days... have been ummm growing..

So Saturday was to be a full workout day, but ended up a few quick matches on the mat, so barely really worked up a good sweat.

Sunday I just chilled. Monday was going to be Dragon Boating. We went out onto the water, paddled for 15 minutes. There were some whitecaps, and the wind was howling.... It'll be good for sailing, but not for paddling. Turned around came back to the Blue Water Bistro for Happy Hour.

Last night was supposed to be a potluck for judo. It was a good potluck. Ate lots of food. And umm no training.

So last 4 days no real workout. And my fat ass is growing. I'll be hitting the weight room and pool today, with a decent run around the track this afternoon. And later this evening some dragon boat paddling.

At least, hopefully by the end of this month I can get back onto some of my tailored suits...

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