Friday, June 27, 2008

Thursday Night Judo Practice

Last night Mark taught us a cool combo. It's a forward/backward throw. Go backwards so your opponent goes forward, throw for a morote seio; hanai/harai goshi your opponent will go backwards to prevent the throw. Now, do a modified kouchi gari. This time with the kuzushi down. He likens the classic kouchi gari is going forward. This modified one is with the kuzushi down. He likened the classic one as a tree falling, and this modified one as a building implosion.

I like this new technique/modification. For a bigger guy like me, it's fairly simple and straight forward; and; it's a valid throw to get into newaza.

Newaza last night was less than successful; I'm not getting the initial control outright and was fighting defensively. I need to spread out my base and make my holds/chokes tight. I was going for chokes last night; and were more of a nuisance more than good technique.

I still need to work on attacking from a turtle. I did work on the rollovers last practice, however, in randori, still not quite working.

Did about 3 rounds newaza. 5 rounds of tachi-waza. I had to sit out for 3 rounds because I was gassed, and 1 was I had a bloody nose. Which, figures... It's the few times that I do wear my white gi. And I bleed all over it. Do I get a bloody nose when I wear a blue gi? NOPE. When I break out my white gi, inevitably blood gets on it, and I have to use Tide Stain remove to get the blood out.

Bah. Anyways.

It was a good practice.

Oh, and one thing I noticed. I did my best judo at the last round of the night. Not that I was able to throw somebody. But I was actually moving, using leverage. I know weird? I was just too tired to try to muscle my way and plow through a semblance technique, and actually had to use kuzushi and leverage. It just felt good and actually felt that I was really doing judo as opposed to a brawl. Which practice seems to me like most times... Well that's what my body feels like.

Well that's about it. Going to run today, just some light cardio....

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