Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tonight's Judo Practice

Tonight, worked on my roll to juji-gatame (armbar) when your opponent is turtled.
1. Shoot one leg in clear underneath him.
2. Grab his wrist from under the armpit
3. Place knee next to his head.
4. Roll forward. As you roll forward, you should be flipping him.
5. Once flipped, swing your other leg in to bring knees together for a tight juji.

I had a hard time rolling, and took me about half dozen tries to roll right. Still not as good, but need to work on that.

The other technique we worked on was with your opponent turtled, chicken wing him, get a key lock and roll him for a north south pin. A variation on this is to get your other hand in his collar, flip him and slowly apply the pin and the choke.

It's hard to describe...

Did some more mat work and I noticed I was using more strength to move around. For a guard pass, I accidentally kneed someone in the balls. My bad. I feel bad, as I was just trying to get my knee under the butt, so I could do a guard pass. Nevertheless, that sucked. I need more mat work.

One of the randori sessions, I was able to pass Dave's guard to a half guard. Then I took control of his left arm trying to get an arm lock in the half guard. I just couldn't get pass the half guard. When I switched positions to try to pass, he rolled me for a pin. However, I did have a mostly dominant control at the time, I just need to remember to maintain control when switching techniques.

The stand up techniques I was gassing a bit. I stood out for maybe 4 rounds, but I did do at least 6 rounds.

Anyways, it was a good practice. I still need to work on my grips, attacks. Not to be so linear, and to be predictable. I need to work on my combinations so that they are second nature to me. I only seem to think one attack at a time, I should be thinking of set ups, feints. At least 2-3 moves. Also need to react faster to opportunities given to me.

So far, the throws that seem to sometimes work.

1. Kata Guruma. One knee drop version.
2. Seio-Nage. Ippon, sometimes drop version.
3. Sasai Surikomi Goshi. It is hard to get both sleeves, although once gotten, can be used.
4. Ouchi/Kouchi Gari. Standard Attack staple
5. Tai-Toshi
6. Double Leg take down.
7. O-Goshi

What I need to work on...

1. Uchi Mata. Should work but I'm not deep enough, and my balance is off kilter.
2. O Soto Gari. Usually need to get in deep.
3. Posturing I tend to fight hunched over.
4. Combinations. Grip, feint throw. Once I get a grip, I should throw, throw, throw.

I just need to relax more, and apply kuzushi. It's also about momentum and giving way. Judo is a dynamic sport, not a static sport, therefore think in four dimensions, where movement/timing as well as position is very important.

Other than that. Life is peachy keen.

I'm going to go wash up and go to bed. I'm beat tired.

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