Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Finally... Feeling Much Better

I finally kicked the cold I was fighting. It was a wicked cold. It was kicking my behind. Badly.

Anyways, I'm trying to get back into shape again. Since I didn't want to share my cold, I skipped practice for awhile. This Thursday is going to be judo. Or Potluck. Forget which one. I think it might be potluck. Ha. They'll try to probably figure me out since all I come there really is for food.

My goodness Judo players can eat food. I brought 4 pounds of lumpia last time and it vanished!

Well other than that, going to figure out what to eat and I think it's going to be Potluck. Harrgh.

This morning got up for the 6:30 AM boxing workout and it was good. We did some good abdominal workouts which I felt. This morning workout sounds good.

As always, Judo is still Tuesdays and Thursday nights however it's been just a bit crazy. And with me having a nasty cold, the last thing I want to do is to give that to someone else. I really hate sick people who come to the public and spread germs. There's something to be said about staying home. Granted there's different degrees, but I felt that I was really sick. But, I feel much much better now.

Other than that things are going well. I'm so glad of kicking the cold. Aaaaah. Althought good thing about the cold is that I developed a tea and soup habit. And a much better better diet, not the best mind you, but better. Which is a start. Lost 3 pounds last week, due to less food. Basically since I didn't work out. Unless of course you count coughing, sneezing, coughing, sneezing working out.

Aaaaah. It's soo good to breathe. Some things I just take for granted. I can walk. I can see the sunrise. I can hear music and the birds. I'm physically capable of most anything I put my mind to it. I'm truly thankful. Very, very thankful. Honestly no matter how much Medical Insurance in the world you have, it can never really get you to 100%, for that your mind and body must get you there.

Waxing philosophy. I can BS, when I'm procrastinating. I'm procrastinating about going to bed and waking up early. Also debating on whether to go to no-gi grappling tonight. It's been awhile and I'm wicked rusty.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tuesday-Thursday... Still Sick

 Man, still sick. Can't really be around people as I'm afraid of passing the cold on... Hence, been shuttered in. Starting to feel better. So hopefully tomorrow I can get back to my regularly scheduled workout.

 In the meantime, been drinking lots of tea, cranberry juice and eating lots of fruits and soups.
 Other than that haven't been able to keep an active lifestyle. Hopefully this weekend will improve and things will get better.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Friday/Saturday uggh no workout.

Friday, just got busy and well no excuses, and ended up not lifting my upper body workout. That and my diet went to hell in a hand basket. I ended up ordering a Wendy's Triple Melt Cheeseburger with fries and a DR. Pepper. Hello Heart Attack.

Saturday it was snowing. No workout and lots of snow. And lots and lots of food.

Sunday. Uggh I'm sick as a dog.

Sick blechh. Had some Wonton Soup.

Thursday Night Judo Practice

Well Thursday Night's Judo Practice was interesting. Did okay on the newaza. I did a few guard passes for an osea-komi pin.

Working on Juji-gatame some more. It's the one where the opponent is in a turtle type position. Firgure four one of his arms, roll forward to a side juji. Worked on this some more with trying to get my weight down lower. Much Lower. Finally got it right in one of the practices.

Then breaking the arm-bar defense was the other thing I worked on. Just simple leverage mechanics. Rotate the arm to the left or right to break the grip and work on it from the wrist. Attack twice and change the attack so you don't get back up to standing. As long as you keep varying the attack it counts as a new attack.

Then we went onto standing. Got thrown a few times. Although somebody left on my left nut. That sucks. I'm okay, it just hurt for a couple of hours. After that I just did uchi-komi and practiced the fine art of kuzushi.

Something profound hit me. Instead of me "forcing" a throw. I should just take the throw presented to me when someone is off-balance. It takes less effort and it's more spontaneous. Yeah, I know. That should be Judo 101, but hey sometimes it just hits you.

The thing is the guys I fight with are good. They just give me just enough to get me better. And when I ramp up, they ramp up as well.

I do like Budokan, considering there's quite a few of them on the National Roster and they're just really chill and willing to show me the ropes.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Did Judo last night

Last night's judo was fun, although I was a bit slow at first. Came in a little late, so didn't get to catch the uchikomi and the armbar rollover. I had a harder time rolling over on my left shoulder and flipping my opponent over. I learned that I had to keep my center of gravity low and keep my opponents center lower. When I roll, it flips him up, get my legs around his arm, and then break out into an armbar. Not bad...

The rest of the night was newaza randori. Which is matwork. Did fairly well, and did give up some openings. I did manage to pass the guard a few times, which was good and get a pin. It was more give and take, although I was more on the attack this time around. I still need to work on my guard defense. My guard defense is rather weak, so I guess that's why I prefer to be on the attack.

Then came the standing work. This time around I was much looser and more fluid. I took more chances and was more dynamic. Before I concentrated on grip work, although grip fighting is okay, the more dynamic seemed to work more and resulted in more movement. Granted I got thrown really good on an O-goshi and also on a Seio Nage. I had some air and landed with a thud. I guess 210 lbs flying through the air can land with a good thud.

Anyways it was a fun night. I ate fairly well. Although I still need to modify my intake to less food. Little by little I'm working on it. And it's coming right along.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So Started Working out Today.

I have it on file what I did. But basically I haven't eaten as well as I'd like. Gotta work out tomorrow. Did the start of my workout which was great.

Well I'll catch you guys later. It's late.

Monday, November 26, 2007

So I bought chicken breasts on sale.

Got a six pack of chicken breasts for six bucks. Would that be 3 pairs? Don't know. Don't matter, today I'm going to eat healthier.

This morning I'm taking my coffee black. I missed straight black coffee. And you know what underneath all that foo-foo creamer that everyone in Seattle douses their coffee with, is... REAL Coffee. Oh my! What is this coffee you speak of? That's right, it's straight, bitter, black coffee. A little burnt the better.

I missed the days of engine room coffee. That was the best coffee maker ever. It was old. It was the diner style coffee maker, bulletproof. The pots were made out of metal. And the water is piped straight from the watermaker. Then you just make coffee. Especially at O Dark 30. MMMMMMMMmmmmm.. That coffee is good. Especially with a slight taste of oil, diesel, ozone and simple green that just permeates throughout the space.

So, now I'm back to enjoying real coffee.

Straight up.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I ate Pizza. Pizza Supreme. Cold.

Ah, there's something about cold clammy pizza that clamors back to your youth. Wow. Pizza was nutrition, and considering that in my twenties I was a buck sixty, I could down a full pizza, inhale a whole bag of black bean tortilla chips and a full stack of nutter butter and still be hungry.

Ah, but I do forget that I used to run about a couple miles a day, spring up and down stairs for fun; and have "fight club" in one of the dorm rooms with 20 guys just yelling at each other and beating the crap out of each other.

Good times. I still feel sorry for whoever's room it was we decided to do one of those "fight club" nights. The whole room got trashed, or as much as you can trash a 10 x 8 dorm room with two bunk beds, desk and standard furniture. There were spit, sweat and some blood on the closet doors. We invited some girls in to watch, but they promptly disappeared pretty much after the first punch. I remember hearing the words, "Ewww." I assume that some bodily fluid flew as someone got clocked in the head.

Anyways, I forget who Cornelius was fighting that night, but he broke his nose that night. It was probably the fourth, or fifth fight of the night. I fought Hustler and it was a good fight, I got wacked in the head a few times and it stung. I got a few good licks in him and the crowd called it a draw. We were both in the bathroom afterwards washing our face. Those old gloves were scratchy and smelled of old leather and sweat. It didn't matter, we came back, to see more fights. The funnest fight was seeing big guy vs. little guy fights. Fritz was about 6'3 about two and half bucks. Guy was just a monster. We paired him up with the tiniest guy we could've find. It was like a circus act. Hilarious.

So Cornelius broke his nose. It wasn't that big of a deal as he broke it before.. however we did get in some trouble and we took him to the clinic. It was one of the funnest nights ever.

So back to my fat ass. Yeah, I'm eating pizza. Cold I like it. Going to go swimming today perhaps to just work something off and get a nice soup courtesy of the local store. They just gave me a free coupon for soup and bread!

O tay!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

So I made a bet....

Well I just bet my roommate that I'll hit my target weight by March 1st. She does the same.

There's money on the table. Basically Two Fitty.

Well it's a good chunk of change and one that I'll be counting on.

It's Game ON.

How many days is that.. who cares. I'm going to enjoy my turkey in the meantime.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

First Post. Right before Turkey Day.!

So my ass is growing and I need to get in shape. I have a tournament in March. It's a nice date. Would like to fight in under 90Kg category. If not I'll be fighting in 100Kg. Who knows; who cares? I just want my ass in fighting shape again.

Instead of getting up for a beer and back on the couch ass in shape.

So more to come. Tomorrow. Turkey. Lots and lots and lots of food.

So yeah. It's a start.

But it'll have to start tomorrow.