Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Did Judo last night

Last night's judo was fun, although I was a bit slow at first. Came in a little late, so didn't get to catch the uchikomi and the armbar rollover. I had a harder time rolling over on my left shoulder and flipping my opponent over. I learned that I had to keep my center of gravity low and keep my opponents center lower. When I roll, it flips him up, get my legs around his arm, and then break out into an armbar. Not bad...

The rest of the night was newaza randori. Which is matwork. Did fairly well, and did give up some openings. I did manage to pass the guard a few times, which was good and get a pin. It was more give and take, although I was more on the attack this time around. I still need to work on my guard defense. My guard defense is rather weak, so I guess that's why I prefer to be on the attack.

Then came the standing work. This time around I was much looser and more fluid. I took more chances and was more dynamic. Before I concentrated on grip work, although grip fighting is okay, the more dynamic seemed to work more and resulted in more movement. Granted I got thrown really good on an O-goshi and also on a Seio Nage. I had some air and landed with a thud. I guess 210 lbs flying through the air can land with a good thud.

Anyways it was a fun night. I ate fairly well. Although I still need to modify my intake to less food. Little by little I'm working on it. And it's coming right along.


Dr. AnnMaria said...

So where do you do judo in Seattle? And what tournament are you going to in March. You should be down here for the USJA Winter Nationals this weekend. It is going to be great. People started coming in earlier this week and there are a bunch flying in starting tomorrow. It's not too late - there is a flight from Seattle to LAX about every hour!

Ice said...

I do judo in Budokan Dojo in Seattle.

There's a local tournament in Seattle in March.

Wow. USJA Winter Nationals! Thanks for the invite, although I'm still trying to get my weight under 90kg. Right now I'm floating at around 100kg.

Thanks for the invite. Let me know how it turns out.

And thanks for reading my blog.