Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thursday Night Judo Practice

Well Thursday Night's Judo Practice was interesting. Did okay on the newaza. I did a few guard passes for an osea-komi pin.

Working on Juji-gatame some more. It's the one where the opponent is in a turtle type position. Firgure four one of his arms, roll forward to a side juji. Worked on this some more with trying to get my weight down lower. Much Lower. Finally got it right in one of the practices.

Then breaking the arm-bar defense was the other thing I worked on. Just simple leverage mechanics. Rotate the arm to the left or right to break the grip and work on it from the wrist. Attack twice and change the attack so you don't get back up to standing. As long as you keep varying the attack it counts as a new attack.

Then we went onto standing. Got thrown a few times. Although somebody left on my left nut. That sucks. I'm okay, it just hurt for a couple of hours. After that I just did uchi-komi and practiced the fine art of kuzushi.

Something profound hit me. Instead of me "forcing" a throw. I should just take the throw presented to me when someone is off-balance. It takes less effort and it's more spontaneous. Yeah, I know. That should be Judo 101, but hey sometimes it just hits you.

The thing is the guys I fight with are good. They just give me just enough to get me better. And when I ramp up, they ramp up as well.

I do like Budokan, considering there's quite a few of them on the National Roster and they're just really chill and willing to show me the ropes.

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