Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Finally... Feeling Much Better

I finally kicked the cold I was fighting. It was a wicked cold. It was kicking my behind. Badly.

Anyways, I'm trying to get back into shape again. Since I didn't want to share my cold, I skipped practice for awhile. This Thursday is going to be judo. Or Potluck. Forget which one. I think it might be potluck. Ha. They'll try to probably figure me out since all I come there really is for food.

My goodness Judo players can eat food. I brought 4 pounds of lumpia last time and it vanished!

Well other than that, going to figure out what to eat and I think it's going to be Potluck. Harrgh.

This morning got up for the 6:30 AM boxing workout and it was good. We did some good abdominal workouts which I felt. This morning workout sounds good.

As always, Judo is still Tuesdays and Thursday nights however it's been just a bit crazy. And with me having a nasty cold, the last thing I want to do is to give that to someone else. I really hate sick people who come to the public and spread germs. There's something to be said about staying home. Granted there's different degrees, but I felt that I was really sick. But, I feel much much better now.

Other than that things are going well. I'm so glad of kicking the cold. Aaaaah. Althought good thing about the cold is that I developed a tea and soup habit. And a much better better diet, not the best mind you, but better. Which is a start. Lost 3 pounds last week, due to less food. Basically since I didn't work out. Unless of course you count coughing, sneezing, coughing, sneezing working out.

Aaaaah. It's soo good to breathe. Some things I just take for granted. I can walk. I can see the sunrise. I can hear music and the birds. I'm physically capable of most anything I put my mind to it. I'm truly thankful. Very, very thankful. Honestly no matter how much Medical Insurance in the world you have, it can never really get you to 100%, for that your mind and body must get you there.

Waxing philosophy. I can BS, when I'm procrastinating. I'm procrastinating about going to bed and waking up early. Also debating on whether to go to no-gi grappling tonight. It's been awhile and I'm wicked rusty.

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