Monday, November 26, 2007

So I bought chicken breasts on sale.

Got a six pack of chicken breasts for six bucks. Would that be 3 pairs? Don't know. Don't matter, today I'm going to eat healthier.

This morning I'm taking my coffee black. I missed straight black coffee. And you know what underneath all that foo-foo creamer that everyone in Seattle douses their coffee with, is... REAL Coffee. Oh my! What is this coffee you speak of? That's right, it's straight, bitter, black coffee. A little burnt the better.

I missed the days of engine room coffee. That was the best coffee maker ever. It was old. It was the diner style coffee maker, bulletproof. The pots were made out of metal. And the water is piped straight from the watermaker. Then you just make coffee. Especially at O Dark 30. MMMMMMMMmmmmm.. That coffee is good. Especially with a slight taste of oil, diesel, ozone and simple green that just permeates throughout the space.

So, now I'm back to enjoying real coffee.

Straight up.

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