Saturday, November 24, 2007

I ate Pizza. Pizza Supreme. Cold.

Ah, there's something about cold clammy pizza that clamors back to your youth. Wow. Pizza was nutrition, and considering that in my twenties I was a buck sixty, I could down a full pizza, inhale a whole bag of black bean tortilla chips and a full stack of nutter butter and still be hungry.

Ah, but I do forget that I used to run about a couple miles a day, spring up and down stairs for fun; and have "fight club" in one of the dorm rooms with 20 guys just yelling at each other and beating the crap out of each other.

Good times. I still feel sorry for whoever's room it was we decided to do one of those "fight club" nights. The whole room got trashed, or as much as you can trash a 10 x 8 dorm room with two bunk beds, desk and standard furniture. There were spit, sweat and some blood on the closet doors. We invited some girls in to watch, but they promptly disappeared pretty much after the first punch. I remember hearing the words, "Ewww." I assume that some bodily fluid flew as someone got clocked in the head.

Anyways, I forget who Cornelius was fighting that night, but he broke his nose that night. It was probably the fourth, or fifth fight of the night. I fought Hustler and it was a good fight, I got wacked in the head a few times and it stung. I got a few good licks in him and the crowd called it a draw. We were both in the bathroom afterwards washing our face. Those old gloves were scratchy and smelled of old leather and sweat. It didn't matter, we came back, to see more fights. The funnest fight was seeing big guy vs. little guy fights. Fritz was about 6'3 about two and half bucks. Guy was just a monster. We paired him up with the tiniest guy we could've find. It was like a circus act. Hilarious.

So Cornelius broke his nose. It wasn't that big of a deal as he broke it before.. however we did get in some trouble and we took him to the clinic. It was one of the funnest nights ever.

So back to my fat ass. Yeah, I'm eating pizza. Cold I like it. Going to go swimming today perhaps to just work something off and get a nice soup courtesy of the local store. They just gave me a free coupon for soup and bread!

O tay!

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