Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quick Run and Hike

Just wanted to break up the monotony of working out so wanted to do something a bit different. Met Jen (running partner) at the running track at 8:15. Amazingly enough, she was there and not running late. However, I was running wicked late. I was supposed to be there at 8:00. I'm still overcoming a stomach flu and I had to run to the bathroom at exactly 8:00. Then freshen up and meet at the track. I hate stomach flus or whatever they call it. Usually they are about 48-72 hours and after that, you're usually on your normally scheduled routine. I'd love to get back on schedule. And I think I should be back. I'm feeling much better now. I don't have much in my system as I think I'm pretty much cleaned up by now...

OK, moving on... Jen just finished 1 mile on the track. I stretched and joined her for 3/4 of a mile till she got to mile 2. I wasn't quite warmed up just yet and not feeling it. Slow runs are cool, however I need something to jar the system up and running. I stopped, stretched briefly and decided to do 50 yard shuttle runs. She went and continued on for another mile. I did 3 sets of 200 yard shuttle runs. That was lots of fun. I was gassed at the end. It's so much fun sprinting. There is just something about running fast and accelerating that is so primal and pure. It was a good workout and I walked back home in a sweat. For a 20 minute workout, that was just great!

Later on that afternoon, met up with a few friends to hike McClellan Butte. McClellan Butte is an awesome day hike. With only 3 hours before sunset, the hike had to be abbreviated, at least for me. The others ascended to the summit (9.8 Miles, 3,700 feet up) and back in 4 hours. I took it a bit easy, trying to break in my boots. Luckily there were 2 others that were in my group going at a slower pace. We did about 5 Miles Round Trip, with about 1800-2000 feet elevation gain. It was a good workout. Just fun. Didn't try to get a burnout, just taking it easy. I just have less than 5 miles on my boots prior, so added another 5 miles to it. So now my boots has 10 miles. I think the boots will be quite comfortable around 50 miles. I just got these boots 2 weeks ago. Uggh. I hate spending 180 bucks for boots, but I'll get good mileage out of them. That if my feet get messed up, it will seriously affect all other aspects of my life.

It was a great social hike and got to know a few more people. It was quite fun. Sometimes you just need to see the world around you. This was what this hike was all about.

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