Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Morning Workout, BMI and Weight Classes

Well, I'm wicked sore from last night's workout. Just a general bruised feeling. My calves are still tight and sore. The usual finger bruises on my arms. Some mat burn on my head. A slight bruise on my temple where you place the knee on the head to rotate the body. And random bruises here and there. Basically, another normal workout bruises.

And so, this morning, I decided to take it easy (read wimp out). I did 30 minutes elliptical with my heart rate bouncing between 100-105 bpm. I drank some cranberry juice this morning. I need to get some bananas. The cranberry juice I got is too sweet, gotta get the "light" cranberry juice, or just cut it with water.

I need to go swimming or something. I have a 8 mile hike tomorrow with a 35-40 pound pack. So that's the main reason of taking it easy. I may squeeze in a quick upper body workout later in the day, but today I have a full day of packing, laundry, mopping, cleaning, more cleaning, so I'll do my upper body workout after my Field Day of my place.

Next week I'll be missing a lot of workouts because of my weeklong trip to Goat Mountain. I'd enjoy some sunshine and lots of hiking; etc... It'd be a change of pace and should keep me relatively fit.

Oh, and I weighed myself this morning. 208.5 lbs. This is in comparison to my 220 lbs. weigh in at the Western Judo Tournament about a month ago. My goal is to get in the -90kg weight class which is 198 lbs. Right now I'm -100kg, and before that 100kg+. During the winter, where I went through a judo hiatus

According to the BMI index, I'm a fat body.

32.7 BMI index. The NIH says I'm OBESE! Want a jelly donut? To get to the recommended 25 BMI. (Normal Weight, well the top of the normal weight for my 5'7" height). I need to weigh in at 159 lbs... or 72kg. Thats a whole 2 lower weight classes. Let's see the weight classes are:
Men: -50 kg -55 kg -60 kg -66 kg -73 kg -81 kg -90 kg -100 kg +100Kg

Uggh. 159 lbs. from 208lbs. I have to lose a whopping 49lbs. WOW!

According to my Tanita fat meter, I have 28% body fat. In March, I was weighing at a fat astounding 232 lbs, at around 33% body fat. Yeah I was a wicked fat body when I stopped working out from December-March. A wicked, fattening, long long time of fat inducing video gaming time. Never, ever, get into an online game, it's bad, very bad. I remember playing 2142, Counterstrike, and Star Wars Galaxies. I had the overall LCD glow of a gamer, with whacked out sleeping schedules and a diet consisting of diet Pepsi and Hot Pockets. Sure, I could do all this nifty stuff in a game and be all e-tough. But it's totally useless in real life and you can't make cocktail conversations out of it. Example: "hey baby, I'm a level 90 Commando..." Yep. Big whoop-dee-do.

Anyways, I digress, luckily my fat ass isn't growing as much and actually is starting to show signs of, dare I say, reduction. You know fat asses are like credit card debt. It's so easy to build up, but so hard to take off.

And yeah, last post I talked about getting to a good core workout. I'll get to it that soon (TM).

Well, it's kinda disheartening to really look at the BMI index. I thought losing 24lbs. in 3 months (April-May-June) wasn't that bad. I was losing 8lbs a month or 2lbs a week, which is a fairly healthy weight loss. It's a start, I guess, and should actually make choices every day, to be healthier. So for 50lbs. I need to look at 25 weeks, to get to that healthy weight. Basically 6 months, roughly. So, by end of January, I should look at being at a decent weight. It's a long road ahead. But what really motivates me is going to practice. After Tuesday or Thursday practice, I just get pumped to know that I need to work on specifics, and there's instant gratification. Like last night, I wasn't as winded in randori and didn't flop over like a rag doll, which is a bonus for me.

Also everyone in the dojo are in relatively good shape. Most sport six-packs and are fairly well defined. That and the constant reminder from the senseis that making it to practice is just one part of a whole judo program. You must workout during the week, to keep your stamina, strength, and flexibility up. It's one thing to lose in a match because your opponent has better skill and technique. It's another thing to lose if you are not in shape. You just haven't trained hard enough.

Morning rant over. I just have to put my words into action.


Ice said...

Update on my Weight.

This morning (01AUG08) I weighed in at 202.5 lbs at 28% body fat. 4.5 more lbs to go to 198 lbs and be able to fight at 90 kg.

Still it's cool to go from +100kg to -100Kg and soon, by the next month (September) fight at -90kg!

body said...

great article,thank you