Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday's Tiger Mountain Hike


Sunday Tiger Mountain. Rather easy hike. We went up West Tiger Summit #3. 3 Miles up and 3 miles down. 2,000 feet elevation gain. Went down the Cable trail, which is a bit steeper, than the West Tiger trail loop. It was a fun hike.

I've been slacking with my weightlifting workout. Just gotta work out more. Arrggh. Gotta head over to the gym and do some weights. Got to get the hell off this computer.

Arrrrgggh.. Anyways, that's about it.

Oh and Thursday, I volunteered with the Washington Trails Association. Worked for about 7 hours. I was sore on Friday. Wicked Sore. Saturday I putzed around. Have no clue. Didn't go to the gym. Well today, I have to go. Gotta go!

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