Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So glad no one really reads this.... this weekends workout.


Where we. I should post more often, although I do tend to get distracted easily, and amazingly enough my life is weirdly busy with just the daily tasks of living.

I finally loaded Microsoft Outlook and synced it with Google Calendar. So now, I can see how often I really blow off working out.

Today's Tax Day Tuesday.

I'm sure there's crazy people running to and fro to give Uncle Sam his due.

So just like working out, procrastination seems to be a common thread. Why do something today, what you can put off for tomorrow? And the other famous adage. "If you only got a minute, it only takes a minute."

Ahhhh... so yes, where we. Well Friday was a beautiful day for Seattle, and for Seattle, this is rather rare. I took advantage of this and went running up and down Admiral Hill. Yeah, Admiral hill is about 500 feet, but it's a nice and quick dirty workout. It's about a theoretical 20 minute workout; and for running it's good.

The thing is, that you get the good part first, running down a 500 foot hill in about a 3/4 mile. Fairmont Canyon is heavily wooded, due to relative steepness of its sides and provides a very parklike atmosphere. At the end of the 3/4 mile downhill you run into a breath-taking view of the Seattle Skyline. There it's fairly easy to run about a half mile to enjoy the sights, should you choose to do 2 mile run. The run of course can be longer, by running on the flats. The killer is the 3/4 mile climb up the hill. This is the tough part and it's hard to maintain pace as it's pretty much straight up hill. I did this about 20 minutes or so. I probably did 8 minute mile going downhill and 15 minute mile going up.

It was a good Friday workout.......

So that pushed my weight workout to Saturday. Friday (now Saturday's workout) was upper body workout. Saturday mowed the lawn, cultivated the garden and weed wacked. It was quite a full day. By the time I was done with everything, I had only an hour to go to the gym for a workout.

This was my workout:

Barbell Bench Press x5 top 105. (I guess not that far off from the 50 lbs dumbells I usually use). I guess I could lift more, although I'm more comfortable with dumbbells than barbells. Just me, I guess.

Seated Rows x5 top 175. This was a good workout, I felt it.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press x5 top 30lbs. I felt good doing this workout, I think my shoulders are getting better.

So overall a good workout.

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