Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunday's Hike and Monday Rest Day...



Hiked with Deaner and friends. His idea of hiking is well, a lot more advanced than mine, but I guess that's one way to kick my ass into gear.

We tackled Mount Si. There were a total of six of us, and one of the couples had over 30lbs. in their backpack as they went up to Mount Si.

Mount Si is basically a tourist spot with every tom, dick, harry, jack and jill climbing up to the summit. Dogs abounded the parking lot, the trail and the summit. It was a good place to not find solitude and very friendly for the solo hiker on weekends. (You'll run into someone every 15 minutes or so).

I just had a daypack with a light windbreaker and a hoodie, 3 liters of water in the bladder and 3 granola bars. Oh, and a camera. This time, I took the smaller powershot model, which is easily powered by twin 2AA batteries. I digress.

Oh yeah, the hike. I was still lagging hard at the end. The last 1000 feet to the summit was the hard part, especially since it was mostly snow. I would welcome mud, as at least mud you have some semblance of suction/traction. The way up was slippery with random people going down full bore on a narrow switch back. Yeah, this wasn't the fun part.

Don't get me wrong, the landscape was picturesque. Fresh air. Good.

So yeah... fast forward. Got to the summit. Ate 2 power bars. Ate some guy's half sandwich. Drank some water and slogged back down. The way down was hard on my knees, and quads. And as of Tuesday I still feel sore. Also my lower back is sore.

Sooo. Total Distance:

4 Miles. ~3000 feet eleveation gain.

Not a bad workout.

So Monday, I said, I need some rest, and just chilled.

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