Friday, April 4, 2008

Last Night's Judo Practice...

So got back into doing judo....

It's been awhile, and am glad I'm back. So I started with the junior class first. Which is a bit different. I usually do the advanced class most of the time which is mostly one big workout.

So, did uchikomi, some fits. Got over some of the basics of Seio-Nage and worked on combos. It was an overall good class. It was awhile since I worked with kids and white belts, so it was a bit different to treating them a bit gingerly. Although this was a good time for me to work on my break-falls.

The senior class, was the standard routine. Warm-up. Fits, Show one technique. Then a full hour of randori, split between ne-waza first and then standing techniques.

The one technique shown was the finer points of o-soto-gari. Haven't really used it that much where I preferred the ouichi/seio combo. Mainly because I never really learned to apply o-soto-gari really well. I got my toe pointed, with my toe knuckles dragging the mat on my way for the sweep and then a good follow through.

It was a good session. I sat out for about half the randori session, as my right knee and my calves were cramping up. Got a bloody nose on one of the ne-waza session, but that was fairly easy to fix.

I was fairly decent on the newaza, did a good bridge and prevented a pin. I had some decent guard passes to the half guard. Had a hard time getting to passed both guards. I was good at protecting my arms. There were a few times where I did not have the dominant position and have to rotate quickly to prevent them clamping down. I'm pretty decent at passing the guard. It's just that when they rotate fast enough to get my back where I'm most vulnerable.

Still, I had some good rolls. I just need to be quicker. Basically it comes down to conditioning. I need better conditioning.

It's cool we'ere sending Tracy and Jacob to Nationals. I did some randori with jacob and noticed he lost a ton of weight to fight in the 100kg class.

Anyways, it was a good night to get back on the mat.

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