Thursday, August 14, 2008

Smog Alert

Today the air was thick as anything. I could hardly breathe. It was just plain hot and it's still 82 degrees and the air is not moving. I know 80 something degrees at night might not seem much, but hello this is after all Seattle! Seattle doesn't get hot and stuffy and no one has air conditioning anyways.

So today was the first day I practiced after I tweaked my right shoulder. It should be fine. And it was. I took it a bit easy. Shoulder still hurts a bit after practice. Nothing that ice and motrin can't fix.

The technique of the day was the juji roll, the weave and try to get oseakomi in between the weave so you don't get stood up. My juji roll from the turtle was getting better, which was cool. The trick is maintaining control between the juji, the roll, and back to the juji and try to get the juji down.

Then we got to the randori part of the practice. The newaza randori was good, I was just getting dominated. I still need to move faster. I was caught in a few armlocks, chokes and pins. I still need to work on it. There was one newaza that I did okay, I was able to get to a pin, then he got me in a halfguard, at which point I was able to apply udegarami on his left arm. The rest of the time, I still need to work on my base, and escapes from the turtle. I did have a chance to do a randori round with Mario, who is a friend of Johnny's who just recently came back to the dojo. Mario was on the Brazilian Greco-Roman wrestling team and also did some Jujitsu back in Brazil. He was quick and he got 5-6 armlocks and a choke within the 3 minute round. It was good to roll with someone with that good of a base.

Did about 4-5 rounds of standing randori, which I don't really remember much, as I was gasping for air. I was trying to find something to breathe. I felt like I was underwater. I really need to work on my conditioning.

I spent too much of the night eating mat. Here's a picture.

The sad thing, this is just normal. I'm just having fun right now watching the Heavyweight fights on the Olympics. I swear these live events is cutting into my sleep. Tomorrow, don't know if I want to take it easy or go step it up. I'm still watching out for my shoulder. My shoulder should be fine, but I'm going to keep a close eye on it. I don't want to be sitting out for awhile. A week or two is not going to kill me and should help in my recovery.

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