Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monday Night Paddle

Hmmmnnn.. Paddling. Yeah. I paddled. We did race pieces. I put into practice all the things I learned from the stroke clinic the day before. I did more of a leg drive and oblique workout, which is cool, means I'm actually using my full body to paddle. My obliques were sore afterwards. Oh, we paddled south past the I-90 bridge. Did 2 race pieces right side. Then 2 race pieces on the way back left side. The paddle back was tiring as we were paddling against the wind. My stroke sucks when I'm tired. There were times when I didn't do the recovery right and splashed everyone in front of me. The cool thing is I have excellent reach. I like the sprints. I do like the race pieces as it's just 3 minutes of pure exertion. I can do 3 minutes. Longer, not so much.

This will be short. I was tired afterwards. Had some pho. Love pho, especially after paddling as it warms you right up. When the sun sets on Lake Washington it gets mighty cold. Fast.

After Pho. I stopped by Seattle Dojo to watch some judo. They did some armbar drills, some light randori. And of course the staple of Seattle Dojo: Ukemi. They just have the most beautiful ukemi. I think it's the hallmark of Seattle Dojo. The Ukemi is just great they practice it all the time. Anyways, they found my Black Hawkeye hat that I forgot at the dojo. I was looking all over the place for that thing. Luckily it was just there and was able to wear it home. I just like the Hawkeyes and they have an awesome wrestling team. If I were to go back to grad school, I'm seriously considering U-Iowa. It's such a great school and the campus was just great. The midwest is just cool to boot.

I've been often enough at Seattle Dojo that they may make me practice the next time I go there. One of the senseis were asking when I'll be at practice and not watch. Anyways, I already practice Tuesdays/Thursdays at Budokan. And will be practicing at Seattle Jujutsu on Sundays and every other Wednesday. Adding a Monday Practice will not be smart as I'm usually exhausted from Dragon Boating. Sometimes, it's just fun to watch and take it in. Besides, I'm usually running late, earliest I'll get there is 9:00 PM which wouldn't make sense missing 1/3 of the practice.

So the Seattle Dragon Boat Festival is only a month away. Can't wait to go to my first race. It's going to be super fun!

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