Monday, August 11, 2008


So the technique of the day at Seattle Jujutsu was hizagatame. Worked on the finer details on this armbar. Armbars is all about techniques and finesse, well since injury can or may occur. We're very gentle and always have good control. It is after all, the "Gentle Art."

We also worked on transitions. This was great, as we hardly do training in transitions. We usually do tachi-waza or newaza, but hardly ever work on transitions from standing to the ground with control. I worked on morote seio to kamishiho. And Osoto to kesa.

It was an overall good day at the dojo. Although I was feeling it. I taped my left toe (hangnail). I taped my right ankle (general soreness). At the end of the night I was icing my right shoulder. Don't know how I tweaked it, but it sucked.

Spent the rest of the day watching the olympics at It's so awesome to have streaming video of judo.

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