Friday, August 8, 2008


I've been hitting it fairly hard. My body this morning felt like it got ran over by a truck. 800mg Ibuprofen is my friend. I've got bruises here and there.
I just get bruises. Don't know. Perhaps eat a banana or two? I'm just going to take a break. These are just little finger marks that pock my body. Oh and there are more, but I'd spare you the visuals.

I still got some flab. Need to workout more, actually adhere to a program than haphazardly going to judo/jujutsu practice 4 times a week and dragon boating once a week. Weights? Running? Cycling? Swimming? Don't know. I just need to cram more stuff. Friday is usually my recovery day as Saturday I sometimes do fairly physical activities like hiking or the like. Sunday is jujutsu night again.

I'm enjoying today. I'm doing absolutely nothing and it's all that I ever thought it would be. (Shamelessly stolen from "Office Space")

I weighed 204.5 lbs with 27.5% fatty on my Tanita Scale. I think I'm getting some tone, but need to get better. At least I wasn't Jabba the Huttesque like I was at the end of winter. Wow that was some fattyness. When you can't fit into your tailored suit and insist on wearing a Hawaiian Shirt, well then, that's when I realized, I've gone too far into the fat and need to shed some loving.

Yes, there's less of me to love, more or less as I weighed in close to 235 lbs at the end of winter. I started working out to slim down and got down to 220 lbs for the Western Washington Tournament in June. Then I stepped it up a notch and my walking weight is 205lbs. I just need to walk around at 195 lbs and I'd be happy. I'm losing about 15 lbs every two months, or roughly 2 lbs. a week. Again, my goal is to fight at 90kg in the fall. (Not the Fall Classic, the fall season).

I think I may still try to go for a swim and hang out at the pool/jacuzzi and watch the Olympics on the big screen at AllStar Fitness. They have the most awesome TV and Cable/Sports Packages in the locker room and in the Atrium.

For now, I'm going to just chill, get organized and relax.


TonyaRA said...

As for the bruising, same problem here. With the amount of working out and type of exercise, it is normal for bruising. I would suggest more iron rich foods or a supplement. It should help with the bruising.

If you find the perfect workout program let me know and everyone else :)

Bob C. said...

hello ,yes were trying to work out on friday nights and Sat. morning. let know if you can make it we have a few bigger guys -jake adams -Byron- Mat Tyler a few big brown belts from our high school program . seems to get bigger each weekend. were getting ready for Spokane and U.S. open. Bob