Friday, August 15, 2008


Apparently Safeway peas makes the best ice pack. Today I'm just icing my right shoulder because it's sore and perhaps well I shouldn't push it too hard. Yep that's a picture of peas. And a postcard "miss your sweat" from Ring Sports United. I haven't been there in 4 months? Perhaps 5 months? I'd like to go there but I just can't afford the $100+ tuition a month and to top it off it's in Bellevue. Fighting Bellevue traffic is not something I enjoy.

Well that's besides the point. I digress. Safeway Peas are great and Icing my shoulder is good. It's just a precaution, not something that happened, I'm still recovering from the time I pulled my upper right bicep tendon on Sunday.

So tonight, I stop by Zenyu Dojo. It's a cool place next to the warehouse. A huge mat space, weight room and changing rooms. Gabe had the keys and let me in. I got to practice with Gabe, Nate and Matt? I'm horrid with names. He's a 210 lbs. guy that's a black belt. We started doing throwing drills on the crash-pad. I love crash-pads. I don't think we train enough on them. Just doing a throwing line allows you to do more a follow through than moving uchikomi. I got to do osoto-gari with a follow through, which was quite fun. I also practiced on my left side morote seio. I need to get it tighter.

Then of course randori. Randori was fun. We did 3-4 rounds of standing randori with 2? or 3 minute rounds. Then we did newaza randori afterwards for 3 continuous rounds per person and people jumping in when it's their turn. I worked on some guard sweeps and reversals. It was fun to roll around with different people.

Oh, and the technique of the night was the British Strangle. We worked on this for quite a bit. I have done this done to me in randori as recently as yesterday. It was actually good to work on it tonight. It was quite fun.

I like the chill atmosphere and I had a lot of fun. I'd have to visit more often.

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