Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So it's been a bit since I kept up the blog, I traveled to Lincoln City Oregon for 3 days of Sambo. Of course that Thursday, I did boxing with Adalia at her Portland Gym, as well as Filipino Stick Fighting and the Tai Chi Staff. It was a lot of fun and a great workout.

I've been dragging for a bit. I just need some chill time.

So to recap.

Last Thursday - Boxing in Portland
Friday/Saturday/Sunday - Sambo in Lincoln City, Oregon

Monday evening, I did worked out with Amy's co-workers at her training center. We mostly did ground grappling. That night I learned the guillotine choke and the crucifix. I never practice neck cranks, mainly because they are not used in the sport of judo.

Tuesday Night, was pretty much warm up to randori. No techniques shown that night, and since I was still wicked tired. I was very relaxed and supple. It totally helped me in my judo as I was able to think tactically, set up moves and actually be proactive.

The more relaxed I was, the better the performance. I did fairly well in newaza and executed a few good guard passes. Also I was keeping my posture up more and I was protecting my arms.

So now, I'm starting to think tactically, and judo is not really about strength. Yes, strength, flexibility, agility and endurance are very important. The more of these attributes you have, the better you are to be able to execute the moves needed for the situation. Physical conditioning is merely preparation for fighting and a very important part of it. In fact, now that I don't really worry about my endurance, I can really think tactically through a randori session, instead of only what my body can do. It's quite an amazing realization that physical conditioning gives you so much more options and stimulates your brain, as you are not thinking of making it through a round, but instead, thinking of the round as a chess game, planning your move/counter move.

Judo is really a physical chess match, where a multitude of moves are merely tools. You have to act proactively and act with the opportunity presented to you.

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