Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Knee in the ear!

More Juji-Rolls from turtle. More practice. Rolling from the left, roll from the right, front roll, rolling backwards. Lots of fun practice. Jamming the knee to the ear, controlling the head, either by pushing it in or hooking it in.

We then practicing breaking the resistance of the armbar by pushing in the other shoulder.

Tonight's randori was a bit more aggressive than usual. It's a good thing, but you can see there's more aggression in the air. I have to move more and watch out for the uchi-mata. I did some good randori, my grips are getting better, although a lot of people are realizing my normal tactics, so I change it up a bit.

Of course, competition shiai is much more intense. Practice was over rather quickly though. I don't know the rounds do sometimes melt away. Did 4 rounds newaza and 5 rounds standing.

Overall a good night.

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