Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sambo Seminar Saturday

Went to a great Sambo Seminar given by Serge Gerlach and Aaron Fields. Throwing dummies courtesy of Ben and Vince.

What can I say, it was an action packed 4 hours. I can't remember much, but it was a great workout with lots of hands on experience. There were about a dozen or so attendees.

Let me recap best I can.

I. Warm Ups

II. Discussion of History of Sambo

III. Discussion of Philosophy of Sambo
1. Basically a scientific methodical approach to grappling based on body mechanics.
2. "There is no dogma..."
3. No Ranks on Sambo, everyone is equal.

IV. Demonstration of Techniques/Breakdown/Application/Q&A of Technique:

1. Kuzushi or Offbalancing techniques. (I tend to use japanese terms because of my judo background, however offbalancing tehcniques are the same no matter what the art)
a. Diagonal Points of Offbalance
b. Practical Application of Offbalance to the left and right corner.
2. Ouchi/Kouchi/Kosoto Gari (Inside Trip and variations)
3. Drop Inner Leg Pick
4. Drop Kata Guruma (Drop Fireman's Carry)
5. Joint Locks
a. Breakdown of Bio-Mechanics of Joints
b. Stabilize the next proximal joint of the joint you wish to lock.
c. Apply the lock.
d. The key things in joint-locks is the stabilization of the proximal joint, for example:
i. Armlocks - Elbow is stress point, stabilize the shoulder joint.
ii. Kneebars - Knee is stress point, stabilize the hip joint.
iii. Ankles - Ankle is stress point, stabilize the knee.
iv. Wristlocks - Wrists is stress point, stabilize the elbow.
e. Juji-Gatame (Straight Armlock Demo and Practice)
f. Leglock Exersice Warmups
g. Knee-Bars (Straight Kneebars)
i. Ankle Lock Warmups (aka 2 minutes in heaven)
j. Ankle Locks

V. Recap.
- The "Basics" Philosophy.
You have to do the Basics well. And most of the time, you'll only really use basic techniques. The majority of techniques used by elite athletes are basic. Why?
i. Basic Techniques are simple to execute.
ii. Basic Techniques have a higher probability of success.
The only difference between a beginner and an elite level athlete is not the techniques but the execution of the techniques after many hours of practice.
There is no "Magic" technique. The only way to get better is simply hard work and sweat.

VI. Q & A.

VII. A well deserved beer all around.

Overall, there was ample opportunity to actually work on the technique and ask for clarification. The people in the seminar were really cool, and it was a great opportunity to talk to other grapplers.

A great way to spend a Saturday!

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